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Guitar repair service.

Miguel Angel González Aguado also offers all kinds of guitars repair service. Would you like to have the strings closer to the fretboard and have a more comfortable guitar? Are there unwanted noises when playing in certain frets? do you need to change your guitar pickups, buttons or pegs? These are some of his specialities in repairing guitars as well as straighten the guitar's neck as the one on the photo. Sometimes one of these fixes brings the rest, depending of each case. Sometimes is not neccesary to buy a new guitar but repair the one you have and save money!


It's very difficult to give a general price since depends of each fix and the time spent. But there are not expensive prices and the results are very good. If your guitar is in a good shape it will help you to play better and it would sound better too. Get a budget without commitment! You may also visit the new second hand instrument market of his students.

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Phone and WhatsApp: +34658910099

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