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Works by Miguel Angel González Aguado:

Miguel Ángel González Aguado is a composer, guitarist and teacher. As a composer, the instrumental music is his specialty. His records are instrumental and completely composed by him. He is also the artist who plays in them. And he is also the author of other instrumental works, methods to learn guitar, songs, literary works... You can find more information about his works below.

-New album "Confía en Mí" and single "Te va a ayudar", published!

His new album Confía en Mí is already published! and available on digital platforms around the world along with his other records!! This album is in praise of Jesus of Nazareth.

The single Te va a ayudar was published on May 23. It's the single from this new album and the track no 6 of the album.

Both single and album are instrumental, as his other records, there are electric and classical guitars and also bass guitar and instruments as violin, viola, cello, double bass. And both are religious records dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth, created on a very difficult time for the entire human race, thought to encourage and help people.

The album's front page is a drawing of Jesus of Nazareth made with a pen by Miguel Angel González Aguado long time ago and symbolizes a Jesus apparition on a notebook or a paper saying "Trust Me (Confía en Mí) I'm with you everyday, you're not alone" and showing a close Jesus who comes to help anyone who accepts him in the heart.

On the right of the drawing you can see a book that symbolizes the Bible, Jesus Words.

Last news!

Miguel Angel González Aguado has loaded to YouTube a video with his proposal for the Community of Madrid Anthem! composed by him: it's his composition Paseando por Madrid in anthem format for the CAM.

-Records published in 2018

In 2018 Miguel Angel González Aguado released three new instrumental records: Piensa que lo lograrás which is the single of his album Fuerza de Voluntad (also published that year) and one more single Paseando por Madrid. All his records are instrumental and entirely composed by him.

"Piensa que lo lograrás" is for violins 1st and 2nd, violas, cellos and double basses 1st and 2nd. It's available as single and also as track number 7 of the album Fuerza de Voluntad. In this album there are 10 compositions, the guitar continues being the main instrument (all kinds: classical, electric and acoustic) although there is a great instrument diversity including violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano and bass guitars of 4 and 5 strings. For example "En la Gruta" is for 2 electric guitars, a classical, a bass and a double bass, "Variámonas" is for violin and piano and "Con Esfuerzo" for one cello and a five strings acoustic bass guitar.

"Paseando por Madrid" is for 1st and 2nd violins, violas, cellos, 1st and 2nd double basses and a guitar. It's only available as single, it's not included in the album "Fuerza de Voluntad", contrary to "Piensa que lo lograrás".

-The longest

Till now "Con Esfuerzo" from the album "Fuerza de Voluntad" was his longest composition so far recorded with 7:38 minutes duration but now is "Está Contigo en tu Soledad" from his new album "Confía en Mí" that lasts 11:33 min and where you can also find his third longest composition "Agradecer es Confiar" with a duration of 6:42 minutes. Therefore his single "Piensa que lo lograrás" (6:37 min) is now the fourth and "En la Gruta" (6:11) also from his last album "Fuerza de Voluntad" his fifth longest composition so far recorded.

-More records

Miguel Angel González Aguado has two more instrumental albums published since years ago also completely composed by him: "Canción de Invierno" that has 15 compositions and "Composiciones Secretas" which has 14.

Most of the compositions of these records are for one classical guitar but there are 2 for two classical guitars ("Violinismo" and "Vals de las Áconas"), 2 for two electric guitars and a classical guitar ("Miedo al Fracaso" and "El Secreto del Tiempo"), 1 for Indian Sitar ("La Senda de los Elefantes"), 1 for one classical guitar, one electric guitar and a double bass ("Fantasía Nostálgica") and 1 for one classical guitar and a electric guitar which, at the end are played at the same time: that means one with each hand ("Tormenta"). "Tormenta" is also one of his longest compositions, it lasts 5:39 minutes as well as "El lenguaje de los animales" of 5:41 minutes duration.

But the short ones are also interesting like "Romanza" (1:13 min), "El Amanecer" (1:39), "Rondó sin Costumbres" (1:24),...

The album "Canción de Invierno" of 56 minutos duration, is his longest record. His other three albums last almost the same, about 41 minutes. His shortest records are the singles "Te va a Ayudar" with a duration of 3:43 minutes, "Paseando por Madrid" of 3:56 minutes and "Piensa que lo lograrás" of 6:37 min.

-Where to find the records

In this website you can consult the list of digital stores where you can listen and buy his records in many countries of the World.

-Scores and books

Currently you can buy on Google Play the scores of four of his compositions. They are in digital format and at a very good price. They are the scores of "Variámonas, opus 1" which is for violin and piano and it's included in the album "Fuerza de Voluntad", the scores of "Violinismo" and "Vals de las Áconas" (both compositions for two classical guitars and included in the album "Composiciones Secretas") and the scores of "Fantasía Nostálgica" which is for a classical guitar, an electric and a double bass and it's also in the album "Composiciones Secretas". All the scores are in solfa.

His method "La Cascada, lección de música para los niños" is available on Amazon. This method is to teach the musical notes to small children and start learning instruments like guitar, violin, recorder or the right hand of the piano. Miguel Angel González Aguado is the author of the entire book: the music, the story and the drawings. The smallest of his students (he offers guitar lessons to students of all ages) learn with this method. He recommends to use this book with a teacher's help.

-Where to find the books

The book "La Cascada, lección de música para los niños" is available on Amazon as a physical book. More information. And you can find the preview of the four scores in solfa before mentioned on Google Books.

-More works

But his work is much larger. Miguel Angel González Aguado is the author of several methods for adults to learn how to play guitar with many pieces and lessons all composed by him. He is also the author of more compositions for classical, electric, acoustic or bass guitars (separately or together), for sitar, piano, groups of chamber instruments (violin, viola, cello and double bass) as well as other groups including recorder and many other instruments, and for orchestra. Also of songs for voice and guitar, tales,...