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Concerts Proposals of Miguel Angel González Aguado:

Miguel Angel González Aguado offers several types of concerts:

-1. The concert "Selection of works by Miguel Angel González Aguado" in which he plays his own music. More information.

-2. The concert "Evolution of the guitar through the times" in which he plays classical music by authors like Bach, Beethoven, Falla, Rodrigo... and some of his compositions. More information.

-3. The didactic course "Evolution of the guitar through the times" of several session' duration with explanations about the origin and development of the Spanish guitar. More information.

You may like to see in this website the 30 years long History of Concerts of Miguel Angel González Aguado, his academic qualification and degrees from Conservatoire and University, consult about the prices of the concerts or read all the information about the YouTube channels of Miguel Angel González Aguado and more Social Networks with information about him and his concert proposals.

Phone and Skype:

Phone and WhatsApp: +34658910099

Skype: canciondeinvierno

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