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Miguel Angel González Aguado. School studies:

He's got all High School Studies including the Spanish exam of acceptance to University ("Selectividad").

The school year 1986-87, he studied 12th grade in Seattle, WA (USA) as an exchange student. He's also got TOEFL English test in 1987.

Miguel Angel González Aguado. Academics studies:

He studied music at Liceo of Barcelona Conservatoire of Music where he got:

In 1981 (he was 12 years old): the "Elemental Degree of Guitar".

In 1985: "Guitar Teacher Degree".

In 1996: "Teacher Superior Degree specialty in Guitar" (Secondary or High School Music Teacher Degree).

In 2004 he's got "Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude" from Complutense University of Madrid.

Subjects that he studied at Conservatoire:

These are the subjects that Miguel Angel González Aguado studied at Liceo Conservatoire of Music; to get his "Guitar Teacher Superior Degree" (and the other two degrees before mentioned):

-Eight courses of guitar (and one more preliminary), he got "A" ("sobresaliente") in 6 of them.

-One course of Accompaniment.

-One course of Guitar Pedagogy.

-Two courses of Guitar Teacher Training.

-Five courses of Solfa (and one more preliminary).

-Four courses of Harmony.

-Two courses of Coral Group.

-Preliminary and first course of Piano.

-Two courses of Chamber Music (Instruments).

-A course of Music Forms.

-Two courses of History of Music.

-Two courses of History of Culture and Art.

-Two courses of Musical Aesthetics.

-One course of Acustics.

In this website you can see the history of concerts of Miguel Angel González Aguado, the information about his records and all his works and the information of the guitar lessons that offers in Madrid (Spain) or in any place of the World (online).