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Students' support:

In this website there are some pages that may be useful for people who are learning to play the guitar. In them you can find information and see:

-How to tune your classical, electric, acoustic or bass guitar.

-How to put a string in a classical, electric, acoustic or bass guitar and how to change the pegbox in a classical guitar.

-Explanations about how you can avoid noises in the fretboard or straighten the neck of the guitar.

-If you are going to buy your first guitar for you or your children, and you have doubts about the different guitar sizes, accessories, gig bags or the amplifier optimum power to play at home; you can read some tips.

-Also, there is an explanation about the different types of guitars that exist so know the features and differences between a classical, electric, acoustic or a bass guitar.

-Do you have a guitar that needs to be fixed? Miguel Angel González Aguado offers a repair service of guitars of all kinds. You may also visit the new second hand instrument market of his students.

-If you are looking for a book to bring music to the smallest, Miguel Angel González Aguado is the author of the book "La Cascada, lección de música para los niños", here you can get information about it. Miguel Angel González Aguado is the author of many more works that you can see in this webpage.

If you want to learn to play guitar the best thing that you can do is learn with a teacher, you will save time and avoid wrong learning. Teachers always have studies plan. Self-taught people learn only what they find in different places without considering that playing guitar or any musical instrument is also a physical exercise which techniques cannot be learn in a immediately way and nobody tells them if what they do is correct or wrong. Miguel Angel González Aguado has a great experience as a teacher (of more than 25 years), has also a great professional profile and is a qualified teacher from Conservatoire and University that qualify him as a teacher after many years of study, including how to teach a stundent progressively.

He offers guitar, bass and other instruments lessons in Madrid city (Spain) and its northern area or Carretera A 1. If you don't live in Madrid you can take online lessons and if you travel to Madrid he also offers vacation courses of guitar, bass and Spanish.

His lessons are enjoyable as well as didactic. He is specialized to bring young people to music. Like an example you can see this explanation about the interesting relationship between physics and music or if you are interested in read about some harmony basics or in this other explanation about tonality.