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Proposal of the concert "Selection of works by Miguel Angel González Aguado".

In this type of concert Miguel Angel González Aguado plays a selection of his own compositions. All his records are instrumental and entirely composed by him. He's got these records published: Canción de Invierno since the year 2000, "Composiciones Secretas" since 2013 (both are albums) and since 2018: the single Piensa que lo lograrás, then the album Fuerza de Voluntad and the single Paseando por Madrid. They are all available in MP3 in Digital Stores in many countries of the World. Most of the times you can listen to some parts like a sample in these stores (see list).

His new album Confía en Mí is already published!! and available on these digital platforms with his other records. With this album, he gives thanks to God.

The single Te va a ayudar was published on May 23. It's the single from this new album and the track no 6 of the album. Both, album and single are dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth.

It's therefore an instrumental concert proposal solely of music by Miguel Angel González Aguado in which normally he only includes his compositions for just one instrument since due budget costs and ease of organization, he uses to give the concert alone. But he does includes Tormenta (that is in his album Canción de Invierno) because although is for one electric and one classical guitar, during the piece he exchanges both guitars and at the end plays them at the same time (one with each hand) which is spectacular to the audience. Even so, depending on the place or characteristics of the concert, may be excluded.

As a sample of this type of concert you can listen to this playlist on Spotify or this other list on Deezer, both with 26 of his composiciones which will be great for a concert since they are only for one guitar.

Miguel Angel González Aguado has also a long history of concerts of more than 30 years in the stages as well as a great professional experience. During all this time, this and other concert proposals that he offers has been modified and improved.

Information about the videos by Miguel Angel González Aguado.

In this website you can read all the information about the YouTube channels of Miguel Angel González Aguado and more Social Networks with information about him and his concert proposals.


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